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I am a professional sound engineer since 1998.
I started as a sound recordist in a recording label “Anana LTD” and very quickly became a professional sound designer. During this time I covered all aspects of sound production such as:
music creation, post production, mix,
development of sound effects and more....
Today i provide all sound services for music and post-production.
The latest software and high-end equipment allows me to provide across the globe, high-quality services for music and post-production.
- Sound Design, Special Sound FX, Audio/Video Synchronization, Post-Production,
- Mixing, Editing, Noise Removal,
- Dubbing, Narration, Lip sync, Multi-language,
- Foley, Voice Over recording, Localization,
- Mastering, Leveling,
over 20 years of experience, а huge sound FX database, outstanding project management.
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